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  • Nimbic (formerly Physware) - 3D Field Solver in the Cloud or Desktop

    I met with Bala Vishwanath, CMO at Nimbic on Monday morning. They had just announced a $6.9M round of venture capital which is something that you rarely hear about in EDA these days, especially during a slow economic recovery.
    Android Tablets?-dac-nimbic-monday.jpg


    Physware – served the package and board markets, co-design challenges (can add IC noise sources). As complexity increased customers wanted more capacity in compute, how about unlimited capacity using the cloud ?

    What's New
    Parallelization – both distributed and multi-core. The cloud can handle this configuration, always accurate with full 3D field solving. Product name is nCloud.

    Still have enterprise tools on your desktop or on a compute farm.

    Cloud – can pay by the hour, or mixed with enterprise.
    SaaS – pay by the hour.

    Pricing models – by the hour, subscribe annually on the cloud. If Enterprise is 100% , then the could would be double the cores to 8 for the same price.

    Security – Even Nimbic cannot see the data. Each HW is separated per client, secure channels used with RSA key pairs in transit (data at rest, on dedicated HW, encrypted Disk, key lives in the instance, all the virtualized layers come from Amazon, then we add on top of that).

    Private Cloud – sure that could be used. The Amazon API has been broadly used.
    Cloud machines – they reside in Virginia, but could be located anywhere they want.
    Managers – can setup monthly budgets to not exceed
    Venture financing - $6.9M in Series B, existing Investor and one new one added.

    Runing Ubuntu Linux in the cloud right now.

    Plan to add more of a flow management system.

    How long is your data there? Not archival duration. Results stay there as long as you want. Don’t consider it archival. S3 = Simple Storage Service.
    Chile, development (Founder from Chile)

    Partnership release with Amazon to be coming.
    Nimbic GUI (nWave) – running on Windows, 10 Amazon machines with 8 cores each. GUI also runs on Linux.

    Nimbic re-invents itself by offering a 3D Field solver in the Cloud and securing new venture funding. The trend of EDA companies offering their tools in the Cloud continues at DAC 2011.
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