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  • Five Areas at #53DAC That Require Your Contribution

    The 53rd DAC (Design Automation Conference) is some 8 months away, however to make this conference and exhibit another success requires planning, people and awareness. That's where you come in, because you can contribute your expertise in five different areas:

    1. Panels - broad interest, interesting, timely, engaging, informative
    2. Special Sessions - track specific, original angle, educational
    3. Tutorial - hands-on, immediate value, 1.5- 3 hours in length
    4. Workshops - not vendor-specific, two - nine hours, multiple speakers
    5. Research Papers - papers on design of circuits, architectures and systems

    I've organized a DAC panel session before all about SPICE circuit simulators and it was a blast to select the topic, find speakers, and then come up with interesting questions for each panelist to answer in front of an audience. An open Q&A time is also part of every good panel to allow the attendees a time to ask their own questions or challenge what panelists just talked about.

    If you have ever attended a past DAC and thought about sharing what you've learned about our industry with others, then take that bold first step and consider contributing in any of these five areas. The DAC folks on the committee are quite helpful in answering your questions and leading you through the process, so why not give it a try?
    Article: President Obama at DAC 2012-dac53.jpg

    Not only are their five areas for you to contribute in, there are also six different tracks based upon your interests:

    • EDA
    • Embedded Systems and Software
    • Design and IP
    • IoT
    • Automotive
    • Security

    Having six tracks is something relatively new at DAC, and I think that it makes a lot of sense to align with the end-user markets instead of a singular focus on EDA software and algorithms.

    Article: President Obama at DAC 2012-dac-people.jpg

    Bloggers from SemiWiki will attend this DAC as in past years and help keep you informed over the next 8 months about what to expect, emerging trends, and which companies look most promising to visit in the exhibit area. When I worked at EDA companies we would focus on showing our best, new features in time for DAC each year, often getting the new code ready just days before DAC started in order to look our strongest against all of the other competitors, so there's a big benefit to having an annual event like DAC to keep our industry growing and responsive.

    The DAC website is filled with details on how to go about making a contribution, but you have to meet the deadline of November 17th to be considered for this event in Austin, Texas from June 5-9.