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  • How Students Can Attend DAC for Free

    The annual Design Automation Conference (DAC) is a big deal and should be of interest to students considering a career in developing software to help automate some of the toughest design and verification challenges in SoC design. Maybe the cost of attending and traveling to DAC is an issue for you. The organizers of DAC are continuing their Young Student Fellow Program, where students thinking about joining the EDA field or taking graduate studies can apply to attend DAC for free.

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    Dr. A. Richard Newton was the dean of the University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering and was very involved in the history of EDA, so the program has been named in his honor: Richard Newton Young Student Fellow Program. In 2013 some 56 students were sponsored as part of this program to attend DAC.

    At DAC

    Should you be selected, then at DAC you will participate in the following six events:

    1. A kickoff meeting on Tuesday at the first speaker's breakfast.
    2. Attend several conference sessions, plus the sessions for Best Paper Award nominations.
    3. A poster presentation to introduce each Fellow, part of the DAC student event.
    4. Awards session.
    5. The closing session, part of the Thursday evening reception.
    6. Tell your social network what's happening at DAC.

    Am I Eligible?

    What's the catch? Since there are a limited number of awards, there is a preference for this program:

    • Working towards a Masters Thesis in Engineering, junior or senior undergraduate.
    • Women and minorities.
    • PhD students in the first two years of a doctoral program.

    How to Apply

    Visit the DAC web page to apply by April 4th, 2014 and then wait for your notification. You'll have to write a 1-2 page description about your interest in EDA, describe your courses or projects, share a link to your website, and provide a travel expense estimate.

    I hope to see you at DAC, June 1-5 in San Francisco.

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