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  • Cliosoft Grows Again!

    Article: What happens in Las Vegas Gets Blogged on SemiWiki!-cliosoft-logo.jpgCliosoft was one of the first companies to work with SemiWiki so they are an integral part of our amazing growth and we are part of theirs. I remember talking to Srinath Anantharaman (Cliosoft CEO) for the first time and discussing the goals of working together. It was simple really, there was disinformation in the market about Cliosoft and they wanted to set the record straight. The best way to do that of course was to talk to customers directly and is what we did with more than a dozen interviews.

    It has been three years now and both Cliosoft and SemiWiki continue to grow. I caught up with Srinath after the New Year for an update and here it is:

    (1) How was business for your company in 2013?
    2013 was an excellent year for us. We increased the breadth of our support for EDA flows. Now engineers using Agilent's ADS and Mentor's Pyxis can get the benefit of integrated SOS design management. We saw over 40% growth in bookings over 2012 and added almost 30 new customers. Several IP vendors adopted our DM solution to manage their IP development including a leading EDA & IP vendor.

    2) Where do you see growth for your company in 2014?

    We have a large customer base within a wide variety of product areas and they are constantly providing product feedback and suggestions. We plan to introduce some exciting new improvements to our existing design data management solutions and also new products to improve team collaboration and IP reuse in 2014. We believe both of these will help us grow, both with IP vendors and SoC design teams.

    (3) What were the challenges you face in hiring?
    EDA is a stable and mature industry and does not have the lure of social media startups and block buster IPOs. With so many startups in the Bay area, and marquee companies like Google and Facebook, it is always a challenge for EDA and semiconductor companies to attract the best talent.

    (4) What position(s) are you looking to fill today?
    We are looking for a hands-on marketing manager/director and a web software developer

    (5) Why should a candidate chose your company?
    We are a small and yet very stable and fun company with very competitive compensation and benefits. Employees have a lot of authority and can make significant contributions to the products and company and are not just cogs in a large wheel. We believe in long-term partnerships with our customers, employees and partners. In fact, we have had no turnover at all since the company was founded in 1997.

    About ClioSoft:

    ClioSoft is the premier developer of hardware configuration management (HCM) solutions. The company's SOS Design Collaboration platform is built from the ground up to handle the requirements of hardware design flows. The SOS platform provides a sophisticated multi-site development environment that enables global team collaboration, design and IP reuse, and efficient management of design data from concept through tape-out. Custom engineered adaptors seamlessly integrate SOS with leading design flows – Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS), Cadence’s Virtuoso® Custom IC, Mentor’s Pyxis Custom IC Design, Synopsys’ Galaxy Custom Designer and Laker™ Custom Design. The Visual Design Diff (VDD) engine enables designers to easily identify changes between two versions of a schematic or layout or the entire design hierarchy below by graphically highlighting the differences directly in the editors.

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    Article: What happens in Las Vegas Gets Blogged on SemiWiki!-fablessbanner2.jpg