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  • Circuit Simulation and IC Layout update from Mentor at DAC

    On Monday evening I talked with Linda Fosler, Director of marketing for the DSM Division at Mentor about what's new at DAC this year in circuit simulation and IC layout tools.

    IC Station – old name for IC layout tools

    Eldo – Eldo Classic
    - Cell characterization
    - ST is the early customer and teaching customer, their Golden Simulator
    - Widely deployed worldwide
    Eldo Premier (January 2011 introduced, free transition from Eldo customers, new option, uses 2X the licenses)
    - Multi core, multi cpu
    - Accuracy driven
    - More accurate than Berkeley (they focus on PLL)
    - FineSim from Magma
    - XA from Synopsys
    - Developed in Grenoble, all new kernel, native MT
    - Average of 2.5X faster than Eldo at same accuracy, up to 20x faster
    - Input netlists: Eldo, HSPICE
    - Some analysis missing in Premier and will be released in next 12 months
    - DAC Session at 9AM on Tuesday AM
    ADiT – Fast SPICE simulator
    - Analog blocks up to 50 Million devices
    - Adding new capabilities
    - MediaTek standardized on ADiT
    - Similar to other Fast SPICE tools
    - Macro tuning capability and new partitioning in development
    Questa ADMS – Single kernel AMS simulator
    - Number one or two market share per EDAC, Gary Smith EDA
    - Close to Cadence in market share
    Grenoble – Eldo/Eldo Premier R&D
    Taiwan – ADiT team/Design Kits
    Armenia – CICD R&D
    Cairo – models, PDK
    Fremont – Division Headquarters
    Wilsonville – Custom IC Design R&D
    Austin – Custom Router R&D

    Innovate In IC physical design, stay close to silicon design.

    Technical Advisory Board – multiple initiatives
    - Quarterly meetings
    Simulators – all work within Cadence Virtuoso (Artist Link)

    Analog within Intel microprocessors

    - Variability (Physical, Electrical)
    - Design Risk, AMS is 75% of the risk for failure and cost for design and verification
    - Need MS verification (SPICE, HDL, Analog HDL, RTL)
    - Questa AMS (Analog Real Number modeling)

    Questa ADMS – C/C++, Matlab, VHDL-AMS, …

    IC Station (Version 9) – New name is: Pyxis Custom IC Platform (Version 10)

    Pyxis – OA database compliant (available now)
    - OA native for some functions
    - Schematics, Layout, Floorplanning
    - Launch simulators
    - Concurrent design, multiple designers can edit in the sam cell at the same time
    - Custom router
    - Multiple designers can edit in the same cell at the same time
    - Interface with Clio Soft
    - Can be used on LAN, not so tested on WAN yet
    - Custom Router (Native OA), easily go back and forth
    o Transistor, Cell, Block, Chip, Proven (Used at Marvell) [not related to Olympus – big digital, different division]
    o Interactive or batch routing
    o Uses Calibre RealTime deck, good integration

    Design Kits – founding member of IPL
    - Part of Open PDK
    - Can help to translate Development Kit formats
    - Pcell translator: Robust, accurate, fast (1 foundry, 1 customer using it too)
    - Create new PDK’s in a few weeks, able to QA libraries quickly

    Mentor updates their tools for IC layout through the Pyxis acquisition and enhances circuit simulation with a speedier Eldo Premier. AMS co-simulation between HDL and SPICE simulators is a strong point for Mentor.
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