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  • Circuit Simulation and IC Layout update from Mentor at DAC

    On Monday evening I talked with Linda Fosler, Director of marketing for the DSM Division at Mentor about what's new at DAC this year in circuit simulation and IC layout tools.
    Who Offers SPICE and FastSPICE circuit simulators?-lindafosler_mentor.jpg

    IC Station – old name for IC layout tools

    Eldo – Eldo Classic
    - Cell characterization
    - ST is the early customer and teaching customer, their Golden Simulator
    - Widely deployed worldwide
    Eldo Premier (January 2011 introduced, free transition from Eldo customers, new option, uses 2X the licenses)
    - Multi core, multi cpu
    - Accuracy driven
    - More accurate than Berkeley (they focus on PLL)
    - FineSim from Magma
    - XA from Synopsys
    - Developed in Grenoble, all new kernel, native MT
    - Average of 2.5X faster than Eldo at same accuracy, up to 20x faster
    - Input netlists: Eldo, HSPICE
    - Some analysis missing in Premier and will be released in next 12 months
    - DAC Session at 9AM on Tuesday AM
    ADiT – Fast SPICE simulator
    - Analog blocks up to 50 Million devices
    - Adding new capabilities
    - MediaTek standardized on ADiT
    - Similar to other Fast SPICE tools
    - Macro tuning capability and new partitioning in development
    Questa ADMS – Single kernel AMS simulator
    - Number one or two market share per EDAC, Gary Smith EDA
    - Close to Cadence in market share
    Grenoble – Eldo/Eldo Premier R&D
    Taiwan – ADiT team/Design Kits
    Armenia – CICD R&D
    Cairo – models, PDK
    Fremont – Division Headquarters
    Wilsonville – Custom IC Design R&D
    Austin – Custom Router R&D

    Innovate In IC physical design, stay close to silicon design.

    Technical Advisory Board – multiple initiatives
    - Quarterly meetings
    Simulators – all work within Cadence Virtuoso (Artist Link)

    Analog within Intel microprocessors

    - Variability (Physical, Electrical)
    - Design Risk, AMS is 75% of the risk for failure and cost for design and verification
    - Need MS verification (SPICE, HDL, Analog HDL, RTL)
    - Questa AMS (Analog Real Number modeling)

    Questa ADMS – C/C++, Matlab, VHDL-AMS, …

    IC Station (Version 9) – New name is: Pyxis Custom IC Platform (Version 10)

    Pyxis – OA database compliant (available now)
    - OA native for some functions
    - Schematics, Layout, Floorplanning
    - Launch simulators
    - Concurrent design, multiple designers can edit in the sam cell at the same time
    - Custom router
    - Multiple designers can edit in the same cell at the same time
    - Interface with Clio Soft
    - Can be used on LAN, not so tested on WAN yet
    - Custom Router (Native OA), easily go back and forth
    o Transistor, Cell, Block, Chip, Proven (Used at Marvell) [not related to Olympus – big digital, different division]
    o Interactive or batch routing
    o Uses Calibre RealTime deck, good integration

    Design Kits – founding member of IPL
    - Part of Open PDK
    - Can help to translate Development Kit formats
    - Pcell translator: Robust, accurate, fast (1 foundry, 1 customer using it too)
    - Create new PDK’s in a few weeks, able to QA libraries quickly

    Mentor updates their tools for IC layout through the Pyxis acquisition and enhances circuit simulation with a speedier Eldo Premier. AMS co-simulation between HDL and SPICE simulators is a strong point for Mentor.
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