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  • Hardware Configuration Management at DAC

    Show me what has changed in my RTL or Schematic since the last time I looked. This task is now automated by Cliosoft with their new hierarchical tool called Visual Design Difference (VDD). Srinath showed me what was new for DAC.

    SPICE, Fast SPICE and Analog Fast SPICE-anantharaman_headshot.jpg
    Srinath Anantharaman

    LSI, STMicro – use DesignSync for their DM but use VDD for seeing visual differences.
    SPICE, Fast SPICE and Analog Fast SPICE-vdd.jpg

    Visual Diff – Tool introduced just over one year.
    - This year it handles hierarchy.
    - Can also ignore Cosmetic Changes that have no electrical changes.
    - If you make changes to your RTL design, then how do you see what has changed?
    - Demo: Compared two versions of a design
    o Tree widget shows the hierarchy of where to find the changes
    o Expand the tree widget, see each difference in logic
    o See changes in different colors
    o Zoom on changes per pin or net, complete text description
    o Standard feature at no extra cost for existing customers
    o Can even see property changes along with logical changes
    Clients: Virage – started with Springsoft Laker, then Virtuoso, now Custom Designer (stayed with Cliosoft DM throughout)

    If your IC design team has two or more engineers then your job will be made easier with a tool like VDD from Cliosoft.

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