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  • EDA Tools from China at DAC

    Last year I was surprised at DAC by an un-heard of EDA company from China, ICScape. This year I followed up and spoke with Ravi Ravikumar about what's new with ICScape in 2013.

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    Q: What's new this year at ICScape?

    We've released a product called PowerExplorer - leakage power optimization. Customers have done tape outs with it.

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    Q: Can you tell me about your EDA customers?

    We do have new customers in the past year, tier 1, US-based, no comment on names.

    Q: How many from ICScape at DAC?

    At DAC - 15 people this year.

    Full company 25 people.

    Q: What other EDA tools do you offer?

    We have analog tools that are OA-based.

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    Schematic Driven Layout using Aether

    Soc Timing ECO closure, and power reduction. It doesn't matter what your tool flow is, if you have LEF/DEF then we can help your timing ECO closure.

    Why? Cuts down to 2-4 iterations to reach closure. Not 10-12 iterations like with other approaches. Don't touch the original placement. Our tools tell you that ther's no legal placement for a cell to meet your timing.

    Leakage Power - Give us a netlist, timing library, dont create timing violations. IC Explorer is the product family, makes sure not to create timing violations.

    Requires STA data results.

    AMS IC design tools - we have RC extraction and DRC/LVS tools as well. Pin 2 pin and point to point RC analysis interactively. You can wait until LVS clean to extract RC, or even earlier to get quick feedback.

    Q: How are your tools sold around the world?

    US - Contact HQ in Santa Clara, Johnson Lau & Jeff Havlaff.
    Korea - Distributor.
    Japan - Distributor.
    Taiwan - Maojet.
    China - HES.
    Europe - Rep.

    Q: Do your EDA tools support FinFET?

    Yes, we are supporting AMS nodes for CMOS bulk, and developing support for FinFETs and FD-SOI.

    Q: How is DAC for you this year?

    DAC - much better results than expectations, booth has been full with meetings.

    Q: How is business?

    Tool evaluations - we've doubled our sales/AEs, so it makes evaluations go quicker.

    Q: What trends do you see?

    Too many SoC modes of operation (ie 200 modes), how can a P&R tool meet timing for all 200 modes? Built-in P&R engine that deals with timing engine that can concurrently converge on timing, eliminates impossible layout scenarios. Close the convergence loop.

    Marvel - first customer success story.

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