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  • More Injustice in EDA Lawsuits

    There's a one-person EDA start-up called that offers schematic capture and cloud-based simulation for both web browsers and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad that is being sued. I've blogged about their EDA tools before:

    Today I discovered that Transim, a subsidiary of Arrow Electronics has filed a lawsuit against underdog iSchematics. The lawyers claim that US Patent no. 6,530,065 is being violated.

    Free state machine software - any good?-us-patent.jpg

    I'm amazed that the patent office issued such a broad patent to Transim, because there are so many EDA companies offering cloud-based simulation of electronic circuits like:

    In fact, it's hard to find an EDA company that offers a simulator that isn't using the cloud in part of their product offerings.

    Big Questions
    1) Why would the high-priced lawyers for Arrow Electronics focus on a graduate student, working out of his dorm room on a cloud-based simulator that doesn't even compete with Transim?

    2) Why not sue the big EDA players that also have cloud-based simulation?

    I can only imagine that the lawyers from Arrow Electronics aimed at the weakest possible EDA supplier in hopes of creating a domino effect against the established EDA vendors, well good luck with that. I would love it if the larger EDA companies helped pay the legal fees for and got the 6,530,065 patent thrown out on the grounds of prior-art.