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  • Fast SPICE from Kiev at DAC

    Monday at DAC I met with an EDA start-up called Symica based in Kiev. Ian Tsybulkin, CEO met with me to give an overview of their tools.

    Article: Semiconductor Virtual Platform Models-2012-06-04-14.24.33.jpg

    What's New in 2012- improved speed of SymSPICE turbo.
    - 3x to 5x improvements
    - user can define per block or instance the accuracy desired (or by hierarchy)
    - new version released that works on both Windows and Linux OS
    - partnership with Nefelus, new start-up for cloud-based tools. In the testing phase now. A netlist can be simulated on a 16 core server.
    - improved parallelization methods.

    Fast SPICE simulator works efficiently up to 16 cores.
    Article: Semiconductor Virtual Platform Models-symspice.jpg

    Capacity of millions of devices.

    Benchmarks can validate the accuracy claims of SymSPICE turbo (Spectre, HSPICE input netlist formats).

    Input netlist is HSPICE and Spectre (or a mixture of netlists).

    Schematic Editor, Waveform viewer - also available.

    Article: Semiconductor Virtual Platform Models-symica_de1.jpg

    Customers - smaller and medium-sized companies, have a few dozen customers so far. Target is to grow the business.

    Competitors - Spectre and HSPICE from a technology viewpoint. Other competitors would be: BDA, Silvaco.

    Article: Semiconductor Virtual Platform Models-symlayout.jpg

    Evaluations - there's an edition called Symica Free Edition, restriction is the number of devices allowed (1,000 devices). To run on a larger design, then use a trial version limited for 30 days. Distributors are available, although it's OK to contact the factory directly.

    12 months from now - 10 to 20 new customers added.

    Users - analog, AMS, Universities, memory design.

    New releases - every 3 months an updated version.

    Licensing - own system, not FlexLM however will migrate to FlexLM in the future.

    Article: Semiconductor Virtual Platform Models-symprobe2.jpg

    First DAC for Symica.

    I'm impressed that a start-up from the Ukraine can compete for EDA seats in IC Schematic, Layout and SPICE. The real test is to see if they can grow beyond the Ukraine and transition from a technology company into an EDA business with a unique value proposition and lots of customer references.

    Article: Semiconductor Virtual Platform Models-1000x120.gif