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We provide the complete PHY solution for standards based interfaces like USB3.0, PCIe, SATA, MIPI etc and also for custom SerDes applications. Our design team has extensive experience in architecting and implementing these and other PHYs onto SoCs in latest technology nodes including 28nm. Our PHYs seamlessly integrate with multiple controller IPs. Contact us for more details.

Low jitter PLLs

Whether it’s a high performance serial interface clock or a robust general-purpose clock system, our PLL IPs can cater to a wide range of clock frequencies while providing the best in class area and power figures. Contact us for more details.

Integrated power management

We also provide custom power-management IPs like regulators and switched power supplies which can be integrated on to your SoC. Contact us for more details.

Custom analog

Our team has extensive experience in integration of analog modules like temperature sensors and accurate voltage/current references on to complex SoCs. Apart from these, we also provide custom data converter IPs like ADCs and DACs designed to the customer specifications. Contact us for more details.

Specialty IOs
Contact us for more details.

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