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Oski Technology

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Oski Technology has established itself as the unsurpassed trusted global leader in the domain of Formal Verification methodology and expertise. Founded in 2005, Oski serves six out of the top seven semiconductor design companies. Leaders in consumer electronics, communications, computing, image processing, data storage, research, defense, education, automotive, and medical turn to Oski for help accelerating their verification process and produce higher quality designs than simulation alone allows. Oski has assembled the world’s largest dedicated team of experts that draws on hundreds of man-years of collective experience to provide Oski-certified verification sign-off. Oski reset the benchmark for formal verification with innovations such as its Formal Sign-off™ methodology, End-To-End Formal™ checkers and Oski Abstraction Models™. Oski’s publications, training sessions and events, such as the Decoding Formal Club, are recognized industry-wide as valuable resources of formal applications knowledge.

Oski Formal Services include many components as shown in the picture below.

Many customers consult with Oski to implement Oski Formal Methodology as part of their verification sign-off flow. Oski gets involved from the beginning of the real project cycle to perform Formal Test-planning and stays involved all the way to the final Formal Training & Consulting stage. After the project, our customers are equipped with applying Oski Formal Methodology on their own in future projects. Customers enjoy both short-term benefits of formally verified design and long-term benefits of having a sound formal verification methodology in place to enable formal sign-off.

Other customers consult with Oski on certain activities, such as Formal Troubleshooting where Oski comes in and helps them understand the challenges in applying formal technology and crafts custom Abstraction Models to overcome the complexity barrier. Customers learn how to write the Abstraction Models and can leverage the newly developed expertise in future projects.

Whatever ways that works for you, Oski can help. See the types of projects we have done with our customers.


The Oski management team has a wide range of senior management experience in many semiconductor, EDA and IP companies, both public companies as well as venture-funded start-ups.

Vigyan Singhal, President and CEO
Vigyan Singhal is president and chief executive officer of Oski Technology, responsible for overall leadership of the company. He has worked in the semiconductor and EDA industries for more than 20 years, having led two venture-funded start-ups – Jasper Design Automation (acquired by Cadence) and Elastix (acquired by eSilicon). Vigyan started his career as a Research Scientist at Cadence Berkeley Labs. He has authored more than 70 publications, and holds 14 patents in IC design and verification. Vigyan has a PhD in EECS from the University of California at Berkeley where he was a Regents Scholar, and has a BTech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur where he graduated at the top of his class.

Rahul Joshi, Managing Director, India Operations
Rahul Joshi manages the operations and the team in India, and holds the position of managing director. He has 24 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, holding technical and management positions at Centillium (India), SCL Semiconductor (India), DCM (India), and Intel (Malaysia). Starting out as an ASIC design and verification engineer, Rahul designed ASICs and controllers aimed at automotive and PC markets. In the last 14 years, he has successfully led design and verification efforts of several complex SoCs targeted at the broadband wired/wireless markets, and mobile TV markets. Rahul has a BTech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

Dave Parry, Chief Operating Officer
Dave Parry has 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry, and has contributed to and led ASIC and system development for high-performance computing and networking, and system-on-chip (SoC) interconnect intellectual property (IP). Most recently, Dave was vice president of engineering at Arteris, where he recruited and built an engineering team to develop next-generation SoC interconnect fabric IP. At Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), he served in product development and leadership roles for multi-processor systems. Subsequently, Dave was vice president of engineering for Solarflare Communications. Dave has seven granted and one pending U.S. patent in microprocessor, system and SoC design. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Amit Joshi, Vice President of Engineering
Amit Joshi has over 25 years of experience in semiconductor industry. Amit had founded 3iLogic Designs, a HW Speech recognition IP company prior to this position. He has held both technology and management positions in many companies, including Philips, Agilent, Aarohi Communications, Marvell Semiconductor and SiRF Technology. Amit has supervised geographically dispersed teams and successfully lead many IP and ASIC projects. Amit holds a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Roorkee (now IIT Roorkee) in India.

Roger Sabbagh, Vice President of Applications Engineering
Roger Sabbagh has more than 25 years of experience in the semiconductor and EDA industries. As VP of Applications Engineering at Oski, he works with silicon design teams to find opportunities to deploy formal verification solutions that accelerate verification and close gaps. Most recently, he was senior principal engineer at Huawei Technologies, where he led the formal verification team. Previously, he served as product marketing manager and technical marketing engineer at Mentor Graphics and as a design verification consultant at 0-In Design Automation. Roger began his career at Bell Northern Research as an ASIC design engineer in the telecommunications field. Roger holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Rob van Blommestein, Vice President of Marketing
Rob van Blommestein currently leads Oski Technology’s strategic product and corporate marketing efforts. He has over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor and EDA industries. Rob was most recently the Vice President of Marketing for S2C where he lead the way for their FPGA prototyping and FPGA accelerator technology campaigns. He was the director of marketing for Jasper Design Automation through the merger with Cadence. Prior to that he spent 9 years at Novas/SpringSoft as the director for corporate communications. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from San Jose State University.

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