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The Ideal Trimming and Calibration OTP NVM Choice

NovoBits is a trimming, & calibration product built on our patented and uncontested Novocell SmartBit™ technology, offering unmatched 100% reliability and is Novocell’s feature rich alternative to efuse OTP NVM.

NovoBits blocks are an area-efficient solution made up of dense 8 bit modular blocks that can meet the smallest of OTP needs with convenience features Preview mode, low power sleep mode, low programming current needs, and unequalled 30+ years of data retention. And, since it is based on our foundational SmartBit technology, NovoBits programs dynamically until all bits are programmed, absolutely ensuring no troublesome tail bit failures, and eliminating the need for building memory redundancy into your designs.


- Serial interface IN/OUT
- Maintained Parallel Outputs
- Preview Mode
- Cascadable

Densities: 32-256 bits

Download the NovoBlox Serial Product Brief

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