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Hybrid OTP/Multi-time Write: NovoBytes MTP

Sometimes your application calls for more than one write. But why suffer the space penalty to cascade your OTP? Why use a 100-1000x write solution if you only need the ability to rewrite a handful or dozens of times?

The answer is Novocell's innovative NovoBytes™ MTP, the most unique member of Novocell's NovoBlox® NVM IP technology family. Created as a hybrid between 1000x multi-time programmable and OTP products, NovoBytes MTP builds on our innovative and uncontested SmartBit™ bit cell foundation that set the standard for 100% NVM reliability and has been shown to deliver an unparallelled 30+ years data retention in over 3000 hours of lab testing. NovoBytes MTP is the first multi-time write antifuse technology to offer off-the-shelf 2, 4, or 8 times write products and to support almost unlimited writes in custom configurations. NovoBytes MTP offers an incredible 60% area savings when compared with multiple cascaded OTP blocks for the same number of writes.


- Addressable arrays
- 2, 4, or 8 write cycles
- 64% Area savings compared with multiple OTP instances

Densities: 8 bits to 32K bits

NovoBytes MTP FAQs

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