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Reliability. Yield. Size. Advantage: NovoBits.

NovoBits is a customizable register product built on our patented and unchallenged Novocell SmartBit™ technology and is Novocell’s alternative to foundry-specific e-fuse.
NovoBits blocks are an area-efficient solution made up of dense 8 bit modular blocks that can meet the smallest of OTP needs with convenience features like 5-10X faster access times, low power sleep mode, low programming current needs, and unequalled 30+ years of data retention. And, just like our original OTP NVM, NovoBits programs dynamically until all bits are programmed, absolutely ensuring no troublesome tail bit failures, and eliminating the need for building redundancy into your designs.

- Register architecture
- Parallel IN / Parallel OUT
- Alternative to foundry e-fuse

Densities: Novobits is available in 8 bit increments from 8-256 bits;
other Novobits variations are available to 512bits with optional Serial Interface or Preview Mode wrappers--contact your Swift2Chip account engineer for details.

Also see our Novobits SPX product for Trimming and Calibration applications, with Serial and Preview Mode already included.

Download the NovoBits Product Brief

Compare to NovoBlox Serial

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