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Put the Most Reliable NVM on Your Silicon!

Novocell Semiconductor developed our SmartBits™ NVM technology over ten years ago, and secured the patent to the innovative and unique design and process in 2004. The IP is available at all major foundries, and has been qualified from .35m to 45nm. Plus, the technology is fully scalable down to 28nm and beyond. Our OTP and new Multi-Time Programmable (2nTP™) IP provides non-volatile memory blocks that can be embedded in standard Logic CMOS without any additional process or post-process steps, and can be programmed at the wafer level, in package, or in the field, as end use requires. When You Choose Novocell, You Choose the Leader. Novocell is the innovator in antifuse one-time programmable memory–since 2001. Our long term patents have never been challenged, and our exclusive tech nology’s 100% reliablity remains unequaled.

Download a White Paper to learn more about Novocell's leadership in Non-Volatile Memory IP:
(Each PDF requires Adobe Acrobat)

Importance of Dynamic Programming in Detecting Hard Breakdown in Anti-fuse Technology

The Industry's First Hybrid MTP/OTP Solution: Novocell's 2nTP NVM Solution

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