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Methodics, Inc is a leading developer of design data management (DM) tools for IC’s, and is the first company to offer a tool suite for global IC design collaboration. Providing standard software configuration management (SCM) functionality on an advanced modular platform that enables hardware design methodologies in a version-controlled context, the new Methodics solution represents a revolutionary approach to global design collaboration.

Methodics Inc has developed the VersIC 2.0 platform, a DM tool that abstracts the backend database allowing easy integration of industry standard SCM tools and facilitating software-style methodologies in the custom IC design environment. The VersIC 2.0 platform allows plug-in modules that extend the data-management functionality to design reviews, diff/merge
of cell views, continuous integration methodologies and others, enhancing the global design collaboration experience for its users.

Methodics Inc. —

Software Configuration Management for hardware designers
For years the software design community has enjoyed a development environment far more sophisticated than that of the hardware world. Development activities such as revision control, software conguration management (SCM), remote design team support, IP reuse and management, continuous integration, team collaboration, code review, etc., have been embraced by software developers, and a wide choice of tools and methodologies have been built to automate these.

Methodics strategy is to leverage these established software tools and methodologies in the hardware environment using the following principles:
  • Integrate best-in-class software configuration management (SCM) tools with Cadence;
  • Leverage our experience with Cadence tools to provide close integration, simplicity;
  • Develop “DM Driven” Mixed-Signal, Analog and CustomIC tools that leverage the VersIC platform.


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