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  1. Carbon Design Systems
  2. Virtual Prototyping Case Studies Wiki

Virtual Prototyping accelerates time to market by providing the most productive and cost effective virtual prototype solutions in the industry. To achieve this goal, Carbon is completely focused on the following crucial elements:
  • Speed – A virtual prototype must execute quickly enough to enable the entire design team to be productive
  • Accuracy – Even the fastest virtual prototype should always have a link to 100% accuracy to enable real problems to be isolated and debugged
  • Automation – Virtual prototype and models should be standards-based and be capable of being developed and widely deployed without incurring costly consulting services.

Carbon's mission is to reduce the time to market for system on chip (SoC) designs by providing a unified virtual prototype which meets the system level design needs of the architect, firmware developer and software engineer.

Downloadable Customer Case Studies
  1. Fuji/Xerox (Japanese language) Case Study
  2. LG Case Study
  3. Samsung Case Study

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