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Thread: Cadence to buy Mentor Calibre Unit?

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    Cadence to buy Mentor Calibre Unit?

    One of the more interesting rumors floating around Silicon Valley is that, now that Mentor is a part of Siemens, they will be divesting parts that do not align with their Industry 2.0 agenda. The most interesting unit in question is Calibre. Cadence was one of the original bidders for Mentor for just that reason, they wanted Calibre, so this makes complete sense. I'm guessing Calibre is about a $500m business so it should go for $1-2B? Probably closer to $2B and maybe more if there was a bidding war involving either Synopsys or ANSYS.

    Calibre nmDRC and Calibre nmLVS are the market share leaders in physical verification. Calibre also leads the market with innovative features such as incremental DRC, which ensures you can complete your design rule checking quickly and efficiently, and equation-based design rules, which let designers define continuous, three-dimensional functions that accurately and precisely reflect the complex physical interactions of today's nanometer designs....

    I mentioned this at the 2017 CEO Outlook event last week and got some very interesting responses that made me believe that this is more than just a rumor. Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Nenni View Post
    ... that do not align with their Industry 2.0 agenda.
    I think you are running a version or two behind (Industry 4.0)
    I agree Calibre is the least connected to what Siemens is doing and spinning it off or selling is not illogical and I also think Synopsys won't let this pass as is if true.

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    Seems unlikely now as a CDNS acquisition since CDNLive announcement yesterday of Pegasus

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    BM: Unsure about that. Any time you can purchase a very valuable franchise along with all the customers, it could play nicely for CDN. SNPS did this years ago when they released PrimeTime and then purchased Viewlogic/Motive STA.....Time will prove us right or wrong but I never thought Siemens would keep it all. sell off the IC tools and try to reduce the $4.5B price tag they paid for Mentor, freeing up cash that can be used for other purchases more aligned with Siemens Vision 20/20. Cadence, SNPS, ANSYS, Dassault (or other dark horses) might all be possibilities...TSMC, GF, etc...

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    If Simens wanna to sell out Calibre, I bet Synopysy should buy it, and all Mentor IC-related tools all be selled to Chinese soon.
    I think Simens should consider to take a bold and risky action furtuer if they plan to implement the industry 4.0. Why they don't buy

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