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Thread: semiconductor for defence industries and stocks

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    Post semiconductor for defence industries and stocks

    Military defense is always at the front line of a nationís security. With political tensions on the rise around the globe, defense stocks are one of the smarter money-investing decisions to make. Spending on defense occupies a big share of the governmentís budget. For this fiscal year in the United States, the government has set aside $854 billion in its budget for the Departments of Defense and State. With newly elected President Donald Trump occupying a seat in the White House and intensifying border protection, best defense stocks for 2017 are on the rise, allowing defense contractors to outperform the market.
    semiconductor for defence industries and stocks-uss-iowa-battleship-image-source-us-navy_large.jpg
    The United States is No. 1 in military spending, totaling $596 billion as of 2015. In fact, military spending in the U.S. constitutes 37% of the global total, as reported by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Compare that to the next seven biggest military spenders: China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, France, and Japan, which total $567 billion all together, as reported by the National Priorities Project. Military spending is pursued in countries whose foreign policy objectives include war and peace.
    President Donald Trump has unveiled plans to boost defense spending at the expense of foreign aid and various environmental programs. Trumpís pledge to significantly increase federal spending related to national security was cheered by Republicans, while his team is preparing to create an infrastructure ďtask forceĒ that will help carry out the ambitious federal spending program. Since Trumpís startling election victory in late 2016, stocks have more or less gained momentum. In particular, defense stocks see a boost.

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    I hope the money is not only spent well, but efficiently. Our military's record of success from Vietnam onwards has been dismal at staggering costs. We must find a better strategy. The definition of insanity is to repeat failing strategies and that is what we have been doing. Maybe applying big data to these problems might come up with better options and solution. It's time to create a system that people want to emulate and copy rather than fight. Our social media leads the world and this might be a good start.

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    Hmm - from what I have heard, the incremental increase to the defense budget (already largely baked in) can accomplish little more than pay for maintenance on existing investments (ships, planes, etc). Not sure there is a big opportunity for semiconductors here.

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