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Thread: Orconf 2017

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    Orconf 2017

    Just a small note to inform all that Orconf 2017 is approaching.
    This year, yours truly will have two presentations on the conference:
    • Chips4Makers
      'Bootstrapping open source low-volume ASICs'
    • RFC: Is open source from Venus and commercial from Mars ?
      'On an (impossible?) quest for an open source ASIC business model tainted by my open source software heritage. There is something to be learned from the successful open source business models.'

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    Trust me ...
    I know what I am doing.

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    Staf - a worthy quest in my original neck of the woods (I'm originally from Sheffield). Hope you have better weather than I had a month ago (non-stop rain)

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    Love to see this on this side of the pond.

    John Eaton

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    Hi Staf,

    Looking forward to see you and listen to your presentations at the best open source silicon conference in the world. Of course, being an organizer of the event for six years, I'm a bit biased But I still think we have a fantastic line-up of speakers and what looks to be a great audience.

    John, we really want to cross the ocean at some point. We are still a bit overwhelmed by organizing one conference in our vicinity each year, but as the FOSSi Foundation keeps growing, we hope to find resources to move outside of Europe as well. In the meantime, you will at least be able to see all the presentations online after the conference. They will be available on the FOSSi Foundation Youtube channel, where all the presentations from previous years are already available

    Best Regards,
    Olof Kindgren

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