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Thread: Survey on Techniques for Improving of Non-volatile memories

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    Survey on Techniques for Improving of Non-volatile memories

    Due to their high density and near-zero leakage power consumption, non-volatile memories (NVMs) are promising candidates for designing future memory systems. However, compared to conventional memories, NVMs also face more-severe security threats, e.g., the limited write endurance of NVMs makes them vulnerable to write-attacks. Also, the non-volatility of NVMs allows the data to persist even after power-off, which can be accessed by a malicious agent. Further, encryption endangers NVM lifetime and performance by reducing the efficacy of redundant-write avoidance techniques.

    The attached paper presents a survey of techniques for improving security of NVM-based memories by addressing the aforementioned challenges. This paper is expected to be useful for researchers and practitioners in the area of memory and hardware/system security.

    It reviews 40+ papers and has been accepted in Journal of Hardware and Systems Security 2018.


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    It is an interesting coverage of the potential vulnerabilities of NVMs to attacks. I think the defense can be both in hardware and software. For hardware, the obvious choice is a DRAM cache, which has no endurance issues and no remanence or retention which could pose security risk. For software, obviously analysis of high-volume upload data patterns can be targeted.

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