TSMC 2018 Campus Job Fair & Internship Program-tsmc-logo.gifWhen considering why TSMC is a better choice than other companies to work for, there are many reasons that you cannot miss. TSMC is where you see people in action to develop and sustain technology leadership, manufacturing excellence, and customer collaboration. In TSMC, you can surround yourself with talents and learn from them. With our comprehensive training and development programs as well as flexible career path, your potential can be fully unleashed. At the same time, this is where you find people enjoy a great place to work. Life at TSMC can be fun, depending on how much you are willing to explore. You will also find our competitive total rewards, which retain brilliance in TSMC to constantly pursue excellence.

Imagine that you can work with a group of talents for a project that might lead the semiconductor industry and make an impact to the world... Join us, and we can bring you to a new frontier– a level of experience you may never think of, a place that takes you to a new height.

Campus job fair use on-line application system, please submit your application and reserve the opportunity to have an on-site interview.


Technical Fields
Semiconductor Process Research & Development, Design Technology Platform, Manufacturing, etc.

Other Fields
Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, etc.


Please click the link to complete on-line application.

Campus Job Fair

DateEvent TitleCityRemark
1/1~4/92018 Internship Application
3/3NTU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseTaipei
3/4NCKU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseTainan
3/10NCTU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseHsinchu
3/10NSYSU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseKaohsiung
3/14FCU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseTaichung
3/16NTUST Campus Job Fair_Open HouseTaipei
3/17NTHU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseHsinchu
3/21NTUT Campus Job Fair_Open HouseTaipei
3/23CCU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseChiayi
3/24NCU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseChungli
3/24NCHU Campus Job Fair_Open HouseTaichung