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Thread: Senior SW Developer-Simulation East Coast #5061

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    Senior SW Developer-Simulation East Coast #5061

    My client is public and leaders in their field internationally. This SW Developer position is an exciting opportunity for a Senior R&D Engineer to help build and extend their state of art system simulation products for system validation and operational analysis. The successful candidate will drive research and development of their simulators, develop of new features and innovative algorithms, participate in defining requirements and specifications, and be responsible for design, development, and maintenance of features and algorithms. This offering is not necessarily just EDA but that and more…this is a first of its kind offering that combines the Electro-Mechanical, Fluid-Mechanical and Control worlds to enable true system simulation.

    •Develop and maintain core solver techniques (e.g. DAE, Newton-Raphson…) for circuit and system simulation.
    •Develop new algorithms that help improve simulation performance in terms of accuracy, convergence and speed
    •Develop and maintain multi-physics links (ROMs and Co-simulation) to Finite Element Tools such as Maxwell, Mechanical, Fluent, etc.

    • Experience in Circuit Simulation-Solver side


    • •MS or Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field
    • •2 years’ experience in numerical methods matrix solvers, and algorithms particularly those used in circuit and system simulators.
    • Real time Simulation experience in multi-domain
    • •Experience in scientific programming in C/C++ and excellent software development skills.
    • •Software development experience in C or C++ or Java.
    • •Development experience with Linux environment.
    • •Strong mathematical skills.
    • •Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


    • Familiarity with 0D, 1D
    • Familiarity with IOT tools
    • •Familiarity with other numerical solvers used in system and circuit simulation preferred
    • •Familiarity with standardized modeling languages like VHDL-AMS, Verilog-AMS, Modelica, etc is a plus
    • •A minimum of 2 years of technical experience in software product development methodologies, design and implementation
    • •Understanding of entire development process, including specification, documentation and quality assurance
    • •Experience with Visual Studio, Git, Team Foundation Server
    • •Experience with Agile project management
    • •Good communication skills with all levels of employees, good team player

    Send resumes to EDA-Careers, or call 305-598-2222x1

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