Hey there,

With the Bionic A12x now hitting the market only weeks after we announced the A12 Bionic we continue to push the envelope of CPU/GPU and neural engine performance for our mobile customers.
The A12x has10 billion transistors and comprises a seven-core GPU and eight-core CPU, the latter of which has four performance cores and four efficiency cores. Single-core CPU performance is up to 35 percent faster compared to last year’s iPad Pro chip, and 90 percent faster in terms of multicore performance.

We have much more going on, and the good news for many is the exciting pre and post-silicon engineering positions that up until a few years ago were predominantly in the U.S., are now available in the UK, Germany, and Israel. Please shoot me a note. I work closely with Nick Beck here on the AMEA recruiting team. Between us, we will get you in front of the right people.

Thanks for your time,

Jeremy Barnaby