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Thread: 231 SoC Jobs at Intel

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    231 SoC Jobs at Intel

    If you search the Intel job board using SoC for job title you will get 231 jobs all over the world. If you take a closer look at some of the jobs you will see that they are for Intel’s next generation client and mobile platforms... Others are for the Intel Communications and Devices Group...

    So Intel is getting back into the mobile game? Will Intel make an integrated 5G SoC?

    View great career opportunities at Intel

    231 SoC Jobs at Intel-intel-fail-apple.jpg

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    Mobile was a money pit and that I'd be surprised if the company revisited. If anything, it would be a bigger money pit today, as handset makers are increasingly designing their chips in house and competition for sockets is fiercer than ever. That said, I think yes, Intel will develop an integrated 5G SoC but it will be for a tablet or laptop form factor device running Windows. Furthermore many IoT applications are SoC, PCs are going SoC, and servers are going to go SoC too, so of course Intel will need a strong team of SoC engineers.

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    Intel is parallely working on a 5G modem using TSMC process :-)

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