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Thread: Your Face, Your Full and Complete ID, Your EVERYTHING

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    Your Face, Your Full and Complete ID, Your EVERYTHING

    We have reached the point with biometrics, inexpensive cameras and the cloud where your face can be your full and complete ID from licenses, to credit/debit cards, all financial transactions to access control to buildings, equipment and transport of all types. There will be no need to carry anything, even vending machines can be equipped with an inexpensive ID system. Access to buildings, homes, cars, finances, countries and just about anything will be able to be accessed by just your face and navigated by your voice. Your face also gives a camera a fingerprint of your heart for your face has a minute color change with your pulse. A fingerprint or hand print could be added to this. The need to carry ID or keys could be totally eliminated in the future at tremendous cost savings with security advantages over what we have now. No waiting in lines at the airport, just walk on, no airport counter, no tickets, maybe even sharply reduced security checks or none at all for cleared people. This has the capability of totally changing our society in ways that are only limited by the imagination. All these technologies are already in use somewhere and just need to have standards set to be expanded across the world we live in. This is a tremendous and very large opportunity in almost every area for the semi/nanotechnology sector of literally massive world wide size. It presents untold cost and time savings in so many areas it's almost unimaginable.

    We have already started to see this in limited forms and simple economics and security will start to expand at a geometric rate. This is now a frontier market ripe for expansion with most of the technologies in place just waiting for the massive opportunities. If you think who owns and controls the data now is important and valuable, just wait. This is going to be a world wide "Gold Rush" of technologies and applications that is just around the corner.

    This could change almost every organizational structure world wide and if handled properly, speed up the "Great Acceleration" even more. This will become the master program for the world we live in.

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    One can always changes his/her passwords time after time but how can one changes his/her finger prints or retina or iris or handprint or face id and so on; in short his/her biometrics? And I really wondering with anxiety: who is and how is/will protect this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE DATA PROPERLY??? I'm really really curious about this. (By the way excuse me for my English mistakes but I think one can easily understand my concerns about the topic).

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