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Thread: The World Must Accept China's Drive to Dominate

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    The World Must Accept China's Drive to Dominate

    China's drive to dominance by every means at their disposal must be accepted and dealt with in a fair consistent manner by the rest of world for the benefit of all, even the Chinese themselves. When you look at how far they have come in just thirty years, it isn't hard to imagine how far they could go in the next ten. Unfortunately, China has not accepted they have to play by established rules and norms and need to be reminded with power goes responsibility. Especially with the one man rule instituted, this will be especially important. This is especially important for the tech industry which in very high on China's target list to totally dominate. The powers of the world must let the Chinese know that rampant and flagrant IP theft will not be tolerated in a very firm, timely manner with harsh repercussions if it continues and damages must be paid so as to drive home the point. IP in all areas is the new currency that makes things happen. With wisdom with intelligence this conflict could be turned into a win/win for everyone. It is in everyone's best interest that everyone be put on a level transparent level playing field. This will not only help the strong, but to help the weak to make a stronger, better world for all in which the strong cooperate with each other and help others. With free, fair trade, everyone from the weakest to the strongest will benefit, especially if we cooperate to bring out the strengths in everyone and disperse them though out the world with free, fair trade enabled not only by tech, but the development of the modern containership and lowering cost of air transport, both of which have shrunk the world substantially. I feel the tech industry should take the lead and create the tools and platforms to make this happen and benefit in the process.

    This is of special interest when you look at the progress China has made in the last thirty years and even project that ten years forward. Combined with the China graduating eight times more STEM graduates than the US, even of slightly lower quality, but improving, this represents serious competition on a scale the world has never dealt with before.

    We truly need a world/space standard platform for IP to create the fair, level playing field to support the unrivaled wave of prosperity sweeping the world, as I have covered in previous forums.

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