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Thread: World Medical Needs a Foundry/Cloud Model, 18Trillion Market

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanD View Post
    Lawyers? Estate agents (realtors)? Auditors?

    Maybe you're right and the tech sector could force change on the US medical system, but I suspect that this will replace one group of firms ripping people off and getting rich on the result with another group of firms doing the same but rather more cheaply and efficiently -- but still costing more and providing a poorer service than socialised systems where caring for patients is the #1 priority, not making money out of them (and which can just as easily take advantage of new technology).
    IanD, the difference is that if the tech sector builds it, it has to compete with tech sectors the world over that can build the same products and solutions, unlike our health sector that has no competition. Even diagnostics and remote surgery could be done from overseas if the US medical sector had not bought off the government to avoid any real competition, like Medicare has to done in the US to pay. If we could have the option of being done outside our borders and split the savings there would be true competition, which the US medical sector has the government through the control of money and regulations maintains a very abusive monopoly. I deeply appreciate your view points, point counter point is the best way to reach solutions in almost everything, sort of like GAN AI. Thanks

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