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Thread: WiVi to See Though Walls Using Phone, A New Frontier

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    WiVi to See Though Walls Using Phone, A New Frontier

    There are a whole host of methods coming out to use the Wi-Fi signal off a router to tell what's going on behind doors and walls. It isn't hard to see this feature and its use becoming standard on smart phones and becoming more sophisticated in a myriad of ways that could be just the beginning of the near total destruction of privacy for this technology, like all others, is just going to get better and more sophisticated. This is just the very beginning a very dangerous path in the near total destruction of privacy, but one of tremendous benefits also. If this technology can be used just by adapting smart phone software, imagine where it could go with specialized devices with most if not all reflection signatures stored in the cloud. It isn't hard to see that this will also spawn a growing market for counter measures. This is just another unintended consequence of the use of technology that probably wasn't even considered at all when they developed Wi-Fi. It could also have many beneficial uses and generate services for security and has been shown it can even monitor breathing in people that could generate value in a number of ways and this is just the tip of its potential in medical, security and monitoring of many things from medical to identification among others. This is truly a frontier and will be interesting to see the devices, software and services built around this unintended consequence of the wide adoption of WiFi, wisdom required. The opportunity for semis/nanotech in this area presents numerous opportunities for functions we haven't even thought of.

    Wi-Vi lets smartphones see through walls - Slashgear

    Using Wi-Fi to “see” behind closed doors is easier than anyone thought - MIT Technology Review

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