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Thread: TSM's Economic Strategic Advantage in MEM, Sensors, and SOCs

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    TSM's Economic Strategic Advantage in MEMs, Sensors, and SOCs

    TSM has a built in strategic advantage in Mems/Sensor/SOC systems combined with its Info packaging technology that give it a huge advantage over others, but it's the economics of their fabs that are the real secret. More than any other semi company, they have been able to extend the useful, productive life of their fabs and technology. Morris Chang even stated that TSM takes its leading edge processes and technology and applies this backward towards its older fabs. By stretching the useful life of their fabs and technology over a larger base and over a longer time frame, this gives TSM an advantage that no other semiconductor company can match. This should be able to give TSM the capability to expand faster than the rest of the industry. It will be interesting to see how TSM takes advantage of this overlooked substantial advantage. The spread of time frames, fab lifespans, and technology life spans combined with their massive size could make them the Amazon of the semi world. This can already be seen in the relentless rise in TSM's stock. In the interest of full disclosure, I have a substantial holding in TSM among other tech sector holdings.

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