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Thread: The Trancitor, Switches Voltage

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    The Trancitor, Switches Voltage

    Unlike a transistor that uses an input to switch current, the trancitor uses and input to switch voltage. This seems to be another fundamental device that opens up new worlds and functions to be explored. This is all part of the "Great Acceleration" in which new frontiers to be explored are going to be opened at an ever increasing rate. New business, educational and research structures are going to have to built to handle an ever greater rate of change. The only way to do this is switching everything to a foundry model with much of it in the cloud. The reason for this is to build a large as data base as possible, as quickly as possible to extract the most value in the application of knowledge in the most efficient manner economically and time wise so it can also be the widely distributed for the maximum benefit for all. We should see the foundry model spread and morph dramatically in the near future, revolutionizing the world in ways we can't even imagine. The technology of our social, business, political, educational and financial structures are all going to change to the point we won't recognize them from our current structures. Building everything for accelerating change will the only way to assure we harness the knowledge we are given in way that benefits instead of destroys. Disruption needs to harnessed and embraced to create a future we choose, instead of creative destruction with bad side effects. An example of this is given in the second link. I was going to be an early investor in the company that developed this years ago and DeBeers shut it down. The developers came from the semi sector and were using semi related technologies to grow diamonds at about five dollars a carrot. ADDITION, Their aim was to use the profits from diamonds to finance their ventures in the semi world. Sadly they didn't understand political and business power, something many forget to their peril.

    Any thoughts or comments on possible uses and applications of this device and the changes it may cause would be deeply appreciated.

    De Beers relents and starts shilling "not special, not real, not unique" lab-grown diamonds

    Apollo Diamond - Wikipedia

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