Apple is on quite a roll growing 7.3% to 8.8M units and a 7.7% market share but Huawei is still #1:

SINGAPORE, November 6th While the smartphone market saw a flat -1% YoY growth in 2017Q3 compared to the same period last year, the share of the top five smartphone companies grew from 65.2% in 2016Q3 to 76.0% in 2017Q3. In particular, Xiaomi saw a good YoY growth while Apple finally bounced back after declining YoY for the past six quarters in China. Though the top smartphone companies are finding it harder to launch models with significantly different specifications or new technologies that will convince consumers to upgrade their phones, they continued to gain share from companies who have declined such as Samsung and LeEco....

Top Five Smartphone Companies (including Apple and Xiaomi) Strengthened their Position in the Saturated China Market and Now Occupy more than 75% of the market, says IDC

Top Five Smartphone Companies Strengthen Position in China (Apple)-idc-smartphone-china-2017.jpg