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Thread: Tech Heavy Auto Plant Future of Manufacturing

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    Tech Heavy Auto Plant Future of Manufacturing

    Divergent 3D is set to invent the manufacturing plant of the future that will use much more tech containing semis and the nanotech that comes out of the semi sector. This looks like it could be the future of the smaller, less capital intensive manufacturing plant of the future that can adapt to changes far faster in almost every way. No longer is the technology designed for a single product, but designed from the beginning to be able to change by a change in programming rather than a change in tooling. This will present a fundamental change in manufacturing and large opportunities for the spread of industries that comprise the tech sector. This is the kind of under the radar change that most don't realize it's there until it dominates. This is far more about a new platform than a product. I hope this gives everyone something to contemplate and expand upon. It may fail, but if so, others will succeed in making this revolutionary change in thinking.


    This will also speed up the ability to more quickly apply, adapt and move on to the next technology, speeding up the cycle of obsolescence dramatically. This will cause changes in models of ownership that offer far higher rates of utilization than we have now. Those individuals and companies that master this transition will be the next wave of financial giants we will see. This will result in the largest changes in not only society, but governments. Countries that don't adapt will be shocked at how fast they can fall and maybe even ultimately collapse.

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