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Thread: Taiwan's Richest: Morris Chang, Pioneering Chipmaker And List Newcomer

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    Taiwan's Richest: Morris Chang, Pioneering Chipmaker And List Newcomer

    And he deserves every cent!

    Morris Chang, a legendary figure in the chip industry, makes his debut among Forbes Asia’s new list of Taiwan’s 50 Richest at age 85, after shares of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing hit an all-time high in June. Chang, who is worth $930 million based almost entirely on his 0.5% stake in TSMC, is the oldest person in at least two years to join any of the 12 Forbes Asia regional wealth lists.

    While it’s his first time among the island-nation’s richest, it is not his first recognition from Forbes. The international edition of Forbes put Chang on the cover as “The Catalyst” in 2001. He again appeared on the cover of Forbes Asia in 2012, when he was named Businessman of the Year. Meanwhile the New York Times has called Chang the Silicon Godfather and hailed him as the man behind Taiwan’s rise in the semiconductor industry.

    In his words:

    I was there for this one. It is worth your time...

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    Man is a legend. It's incredible how humble he is.

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    Nice history lesson! First-person account of one of the most important persons in the semiconductor business.

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