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Thread: TAAS, Transportiton As A Service and the Semi World

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    TAAS, Transportiton As A Service and the Semi World

    Transportation as a service is not only going to change the world dramatically, but offer untold opportunities in almost every area of semis and nanotechnology, from energy production, storage, management to entertainment. While the vehicle might be expensive and contain devices and services that are costly, their price will be very low through greatly increased utilization. This will be but one massive wave set to change not only the semi world, but the whole world as we know it. The only limits will be our imagination. This could radically change the world economy in eliminating much of our current public transportation. Imagine autonomous aircraft put into this equation.

    This is not just about transportation, but our attitudes shifting on the ownership of things and how the tech sector is changing the very fundamentals of how we view ownership as individuals and a society. This reflects our growing sophistication on utilization of time, expertise and resources both as individuals and as a society.

    Things to think about

    Fully autonomous cars with personal preferences stored in our smart phones
    Locally distributed car vending machines with cars of the type you need delivering themselves
    No maintenance
    For electric cars, just exchanging when charging needed, even on road trips
    No garage needed
    No maintenance or cleaning required
    Insurance, registration and licensing attach to car
    Autonomous motor homes with automated hook up and leveling
    Less parking spaces needed every where
    Autonomous lanes only reducing need for new roads
    Point to point transport making busses and mass transit obsolete, share rides using AI/ML to set up
    Ultra high speed lanes for autonomous cars only, 120 mph easily possible, special cars for this purpose
    Electronically controlled privacy and sun shield glass
    Entertainment cars with special screens and sound systems
    Not having to build roads because of increased utilization
    Decline in car sales
    Access to wider variety of vehicles

    In short, staggeringly large opportunities for the semi/nanotech sector and many others

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