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Thread: Surgical Robot get FDA Approval, Augmented Bodies

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    Surgical Robot gets FDA Approval, Augmented Bodies

    The medical robots are starting to create a rapidly growing market for not only all that goes into a robot, but augmented reality, AI/ML surgical planning and guidance on the fly. This area is just starting to boom and offers the semi market a large and diverse market not only for traditional semis, but the nanotechnology that goes with it. The Chinese have already developed dental robots to alleviate the shortage of dentists and are working on a whole range of medical robots of many types. Medical robotics, AI/ML and augmented reality offer many attributes that no human can match in one of the most lucrative markets there is, not only from population growth, but the aging population of the wealthy countries. Medical of all types will be a fast growing mega market for semis of all types and the varied nanotech that comes out of the semi market. The uses of semi/nanotech in performing medical procedures and monitoring medical conditions will draw skills and technology from almost every technical sector and will change our lives in ways we haven't even imagined.

    The augmented body will open a whole new frontier with the economic, ethical, moral and legal issues that go with it and will as varied as the cultures and countries of the world. The augmented body will provide a whole new market that has hardly been touched. The next ten years will stretch the imagination in working with and augmenting the human body in ways we haven't even imagined yet. Material science will play a key part in this and the semi/nanotech sector is also a master in this area. The firms that bridge the physical and biological areas will become some of the largest companies on the planet in a race no economy/company can afford to be left out of.

    Xconomy: Auris Health’s Surgical Robot Gets FDA Green Light for Lung Cancer

    AH2018 2018 : The 9th Augmented Human International Conference

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