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Thread: Subtractive 3D Laser Printing

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    Subtractive 3D Laser Printing

    Subtractive 3D laser printing will offer a whole new market for a range of semis and as it advances the number of uses the same will hold true for the number and types of semis/nanotech it uses. This is but one example of new markets being created that will expand as new and ever more creative uses for the technology are found. As the cost of any tool drop, the uses and sales increase. I'm reading among experts that demand for semis/nanotech is falling or staying flat and there are pauses, but they are getting shorter and shorter from the "Great Acceleration" as the number of smart people, the tooling they use, collaboration and geographic distribution all increase at an accelerating rate. We are seeing this time and time again in an ever increasing number of areas. Growth in the semi/nanotech sector will continue to increase due to cost reductions and ever more uses that we haven't even considered. Monitoring, control and modification of biological functions, many times even replacing pharmaceuticals, promise to be just one of the mega markets for semi/nanotech technology. 5G should provide a whole host of growth opportunities, some we haven't even imagined yet. The penetration of semi/nanotechnologies is still in its early phases as history in future will show and this is but one small step.

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    Looks like a pretty standard laser cutter to me...

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