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Thread: Sputnik and AI, The Greatest Race

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    Sputnik and AI, The Greatest Race

    When the Russians launched Sputnik and started the space race, they did the US possibly the greatest favor in history. The shock of the Soviets beating us into space awoke us from our slumber to become the greatest technological power on earth in the broadest range of technologies. The race to the moon, which the US won handily, required us to develop an unprecedented vast array of technologies allowing us to be the economic, technology and military leader we are today. We should thank the Russians for waking us from our slumber after our previous tremendous drive of developing a nuclear weapon and all the technologies that went with it. The AI/ML race is just that and one we can't afford to not to participate in. No one power will win it all for the race to AI research and development is literally world wide and international with an unheard of level of international collaboration. This is a totally different kind of race for their will be many, many more winners, you just can't afford to be a loser. IP and how it is handled from finance to final product/application will be one of the most diverse races in human history. This has become a Sputnik moment for all the powers of the world and almost everyone company and country is in the race, some whether they know it or not. Any individual, organization or country not participating or at least developing a strategy to adapt to it, use it or develop it is going to end up being blind in a world where most can see.

    The AI/ML race presents not only the broadest range of challenges, but opportunities mankind has ever known and this all started with a few beeps Sputnik sent back to earth. This race will change everything we know from economic, social, governmental to technologies that literally touch everything. IP is the new gold and how this IP is handled will have as much creativity as the IP itself. It will be sliced, diced, derivatives made from it in ways more creative than any IP before it. We will see a new dawn as we might be creating something greater than ourselves.

    The distortions this will cause will be among the largest we have ever seen. Now is the time to look around pick your place in a world about to go through a drastic change as the "Great Acceleration" fully takes hold. Don't assume anything will stay the same and the most valuable skill set will be with those that can help people and organizations develop structures, cultures and ways of maximizing the potential of the AI/ML revolution and all that goes with it. Creating structures that help all from the disabled, disadvantaged to the wealthy and geniuses all reach their ultimate potential to improve themselves and the world around them should never be forgotten in this race. The members of SemiWiki, including me, should be thankful to be in the positions we are and take our places as solutions to the challenges we see.

    Note: China has decided convert this race to an IP war as demonstrated by their latest theft of IP from Micron
    among a long list of other actions. I hope they decide a fair, free and open market is the best solution for all to benefit including themselves.

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