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Thread: Solid State Batteries Coming, Creating Entirely New Markets

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    Solid State Batteries Coming, Creating Entirely New Markets

    There have been several attempts at solid state batteries that hold the promise of increased safety, power density and durability over the years. This one promises 2 to 3x the power density of current Li batteries. Just like semi technology, battery technology that is closely related is advancing on a number of fronts with numerous companies pursuing that goal. A far better battery is just a matter of time and with the "Great Acceleration" in research and development times brought on by AI/ML and numerous other technologies we should see a constant string of advances in energy storage for a long time. We will also see hybrid systems that use super capacitors for short term storage, combined with regular batteries for longer term storage having their life and usefulness extended by this pairing. These technologies will not only advance energy storage, but drive semi/nanotech demand by creating new uses and markets. The increasing number of companies developing a wide variety of new battery technologies all but guarantees we will see these changes in the very near future.

    Paired with new types of lighter weight electric motors at ever lower costs, this should vastly extend robotics and automation in areas that couldn't even have been considered a few years ago. This is why when looking at any technology and its progress, you have to consider the entire ecosystem around it and that they will feed each other speeding up of applications and utility while constantly lowering costs.

    When you really start thinking about it the opportunities that ever better batteries will create is only limited by the imagination. Short range commuter aircraft of all types that are quiet, low maintenance, autonomous and low cost are but one area that is just starting to be explored among many, many others.

    Any comments, thoughts or additions solicited and welcome.

    Solid Power

    Future batteries, coming soon: Charge in seconds, last months and power over the air - Pocket-lint

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