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Thread: SoC Market to Approach $191 billion by 2023

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    SoC Market to Approach $191 billion by 2023

    With the artificial intelligence trend emerging, the semiconductor market has gone from lamenting the lack of innovation and new applications to seeing an explosion of new possibilities opening before it. The short and long term impacts on SoC architectures, on the SIP market, on the software market, on design starts, on the EDA market, on market revenues and on unit volumes are going to be profound. A new research report from Semico, SoC Market Analysis and Forecast; The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence (SC104-18) forecasts that these new applications will help drive total revenue for the SoC market to approach $191 billion by 2023.

    "AI has been around many years as a concept, but recently enough progress has been made to implement AI applications in viable consumer products, such as Siri, Google, and Amazon's Alexa," says Rich Wawrzyniak, Principal Analyst for Semico's ASIC/SoC Research. "The building blocks of AI-machine vision and voice recognition-are becoming an essential part of IoT. Technology, as embodied by the SoC market and the SIP market, has progressed to the point where single-chip designs can implement these functions with the right performance and cost structures."

    Key findings of this new research include:

    • The IoT market will reach 44.0 billion connected devices by 2023
    • At the advanced nodes of 7nm and 5nm, Architecture and Verification remain the two largest issues SoC designers must deal with in terms of time, complexity and cost.
    • The Standard Cell market was $5.9B in 2017.
    • FPGAs will have a CAGR of 8.3% from 2017 to 2023.

    Semico Research's new report, SoC Market Analysis and Forecast; The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence(SC104-18) is an extensive analysis of the trends and drivers in the SoC market. The report includes a Word document and an accompanying Excel spreadsheet, and it contains 16 tables and 74 figures in 126 pages.

    Other data contained in the report:

    • Analysis of historic trends that have come together to create the SoC market and a view towards how the future will evolve
    • Expanded hard definition of SoC silicon to include AI features and functionality
    • Hard definitions for each of 6 different SoC product types
    • Actual revenues for 2000-2018 and forecasts for 2019-2023 for all SoC product types
    • Regional revenue and unit volume market share for North America, Europe, Japan, China and Asia Pacific
    • Unit shipments 2000-2023 by application category: Computer, Consumer, Communications, Automotive, Industrial and Military
    • ASSP market revenue and unit volumes for 2000-2018 and forecasts for 2019-2023

    Related Semico Research reports:

    Licensing, Royalty and Service Revenues For 3rd Party SIP: A Market Analysis and Forecast for 2018

    ASIC Design Starts for 2017 by Key End Market Applications

    Automotive Semiconductors: Accelerating in the Fast Lane

    ASIC Design Starts 2017: Consumer and Industrial Lead the Way

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    Any thoughts or information on medical SOCs, especially combined with MEMS, which I feel connected to a smart phone and cloud functions will totally change the health care and many other very large markets?

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    Interesting to see that the SoC market (Logic) move from $108B in 2018 to $191B in 2023, or with 12% CAGR
    Just for information, it was $86B in 2013...

    This means that the SoC market has grown with 4.6% CAGR during the last 5 years, but will grow with 12% CAGR during the next 5 years...


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