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Thread: Smart Phones as a Medical Ecosystem

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    Smart Phones as a Medical Ecosystem

    Below is but just one example how smart phones are becoming the foundation of a whole new ecosystem for medical. This will run from monitoring, diagnostics to being a critical part of emergency care. The smart phone is morphing from a phone to a portal for platforms and equipment that will change medical in ways we have maybe imagined and can now be made possible. This is going to be a very, very large market, since medical is one of the world's largest single industries with a high growth rate as anyone who has looked at their medical bills knows. The Apple watch is just in it's early stages as a key medical device and the ability of this ecosystem to reduce costs and time while increasing functionality are going to make this a fast growth area for the semi/nanotechnology sector. Already there are a number of add on devices and their number and functionality is increasing at a dramatic rate as is the ability of the smart phone/cloud to use and interpret the data. Next will be the smart phone becoming part of an ecosystem of devices that actually take an active part in controlling functions of the human body for maintenance and emergency needs. This trend will require a whole new parallel infrastructure in the industry from EDA to fabrication and those that build the required ecosystems and platforms that will win the game. At this point in time I see the Apple/TSM alliance with the most opportunity to dominate the market on a world wide scale if they put the required effort and strategies forward. So far Apple has shown the consumer it is alone in having a very stable, secure ecosystem. This has the potential for both companies to double in size and I don't say this lightly.

    Scientists Make A Smartphone App Test That Diagnoses Urinary Tract Infections In One Hour

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