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Thread: Smart Phone Medical Revolution Coming

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    Smart Phone Medical Revolution Coming

    The smart phone will become the core of a vastly changing medical system that offers people real time feed back at low cost by using the processing, storage and communications of the smart phone requiring just inexpensive sensors and control devices to do the rest. Apple with the most stable platform and device combined with the best privacy of any major company will be the leader. Economics will also play a part for the iPhone is expensive as a phone, but inexpensive as a serious medical platform. The smart phone will also become a serious medical device/controller in medical offices and labs and offers a very powerful interface for remote medical diagnostics and testing saving tremendous costs, especially if it can be done by a bot. This will be the next major growth driver for the semi/nanotech sector for it consumes a major portion of the world's GDP. Apple has been teamed with Kaiser for several years and Kaiser is one of the major medical delivery systems that went digital years ago, offering the best and largest platform for advancing into the digital age. This is one of the very few areas of growth that a company the size of Apple can use for growth because of the markets massive size, and this applies also the semi/nanotech industry. Service and wearables have become the major growth drivers for Apple with the phone sales stagnant or shrinking. The alliance between two leaders in the industry, Apple and TSM should be interesting for because of their size, only a massive world wide market like medical offer them a driver large enough to offer even companies of their size tremendous growth. It will be interesting to see if Apple and TSM have truly put an alliance in this area together, only time will tell for both companies have a proven record of keeping secrets until the proper time. Between these two companies, their level of expertise is without peers with a financial strength to match. One of the powers on Wall Street has Apple as his only pure stock holding when the rest of his holding being types of derivatives and this says a lot. The only obstacle will be the entrenched special interests that now dominate medical, especially in the US, giving us staggering cost with very low quality and should not be underestimated in their power, not only legislatively, but through the power of television shows to influence people. Below is just one of many, many examples taking place. TSM has the diversity of skill sets in semis/mems/nanotechnology to make this happen.

    Update: Services are Apple's fastest growth engine and medical will be it's fastest growing service, first with the watch and later with even far more sophisticated wearables. The future will probably be a wearable on the forearm that will detect pulse, EKG, oxygen levels, blood flow, blood sugar, blood pressure, balance and numerous other functions. To save space, the band might even become part of the battery.

    Diagnostic device uses smartphone to check almost 100 samples at once

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