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Thread: SiliconX Possible Massive Battery Capacity Increase

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    SiliconX Possible Massive Battery Capacity Increase

    The studies aren't complete, but it looks like SiliconX holds the power to increase battery capacity several fold, perhaps even a factor of ten, in the future. The research isn't complete but a myriad of ways of using silicon anodes and making them practical holds much promise. With such rich rewards I see the impact of the "Great Acceleration" driving this or very similar technology in the not to distant future. If this comes to pass it will make electric transportation a reality including planes. This multifold possible change would literally change much of the world we live in. It's for this reason early successes would quickly compound the amount of research due to the very, very rich pay outs this and similar technologies present. It looks the common battery might about to begin a period of rapid advancement like many of our other technologies. This would change everything from energy production, the grid, transportation and anything requiring portable power. Even if this particular technology fails, it will be a building block in the way to a new future and application of current semi fabrication technologies could play a critical part in its development.

    SiliconX: Scientists hail new alloy as missing ingredient for next-gen batteries

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    Interesting. I was just browsing C&E News this morning and ran across this article where this group uses electroplated copper foam:

    Entrepreneur rethinks lithium-ion batteries with an eye toward storing renewable energy

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