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Thread: Should EDA Follow a Foundry Model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Nenni View Post
    One of the possible EDA disruptions would be if Intel or Samsung bought an EDA company and made those tools "free" for customers by taking an EDA royalty fee on the wafers.
    I like this idea!

    This would give a purchasing foundry a competitive advantage over other fabs.

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    There are several structural IP and financial models that could be created and combined to the benefit of both parties. The customer of an in the cloud EDA program could elect on how much to share and at what royalty of their proprietary information and benefit from others offering the same option. The are so many ways everything could be sliced, diced and placed into options and derivatives it is almost limitless. Tech of all types whether physical or financial is giving us more frontiers than we even have time or resources for, it is there fore up to us to choose wisely.

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