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Thread: Semis Will Be the Foundation of Integrity or Subjugation?

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    Semis Will Be the Foundation of Integrity or Subjugation?

    Dan, as you mentioned in your article, you can't understand why people cheat at Pokémon Go even though you are in a wealthy area. From being involved in investing/trading there is one rule, follow the money/desires. Most people have no problem cheating or stealing if they can use rationalization, insulation and deniability. Also the logic if everyone is doing it, it's ok. It's like the crime lord who never does the deed or touches the product. Government is the ultimate tool in this, for it allows people/organizations/companies to privatize profits/desires and socialize damage/losses. This is very common with environmental damage(in some locales a fracked well only has to post a 10K bond, like that will cover a damaged aquafer years later) We see this in the US with medical that ranks 37th in quality and first in costs, primary and secondary education 29th in quality at very high cost, a military machine that can't win a war at horrendous cost and a court/police/prison system that has given us the world's highest incarceration rate at horrendous cost with a still high crime rate and these are just a few of many examples. This also applies to governments around the world that try to keep their dirty secrets. All this is coming to an end if handled properly.

    Systems built on semis/nanotech have opened a new frontier of real time transparency that is just starting to take hold and is in its very early stages. If handled properly this transparency will give people the power to see what's going on. Semis/nanotech are even providing this at a personal level when we lie to ourselves about out health. Blood pressure and heart rate monitors now are so cheap anyone can afford them. Body composition scales have also become so cheap, my wife bought one for ten dollars on sale. Real time health monitoring of all body functions is coming on fast. This transparency that is built on semis will extend to everything in the future. Auto/transportation accidents will just require a data dump to determine who is at fault. Auto cams are now common and cheap. Just like people can't hide with all the networks and cameras around, neither will governments be able to hide their deeds.

    When governments/organizations are forced by social pressures to put their statistics online in real time, things will really start to change. The reach of semis/nanotechnology into every corner of our existence combined with AI/ML coming on fast will change everything. This will make the "Great Acceleration" go from the speed of a dragster to that of a nuclear reaction. It will be very interesting to see how honesty and integrity fair against lying and cheating in this new real time, all the time, recorded world online world we are entering that is built on the semi/nanotech/AI/ML world. For the first time in history, there will be an intelligence beyond man and this is a truly new frontier. Will this power be leveraged for the good of all or the benefit of an ever smaller group of people to subjugate others? Follow the money/desires. We should be enlightened to who we work for and to what ends. Wisdom required. Maybe we really don't want honesty and transparency? Comments and thoughts solicited and welcome.

    Technology becoming an ever greater disrupter of ever more areas of endeavor will have special interests using government regulation and other means to defend their refusal to keep up with the times at a staggering costs for the rest of us to pay.

    Good or bad, these are multiple markets of staggering size for the semi/nanotech/software sectors. Memory and storage alone will continue to boom for a long time. We are truly entering the age of the automation of everything and will bring both danger and promise.

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