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Thread: Semis/Nanotech May Have Changed World Economics as We Know It

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    Semis/Nanotech May Have Changed World Economics as We Know It

    An inexpensive electronic nose has been developed for search and rescue to detect humans, but the technology of detecting trace amounts of gases with semi/nanotech sensors at low cost is opening up whole new markets in medical, industrial, research, safety and numerous other areas. The number of uses for theses sensors point to a large and growing market as the costs come down dramatically and the functionality increases. Monitoring indoor air pollution, smelling out cancers, detecting the health of vegetation, and a whole host of uses when coupled with other electronics may become a whole other field and market to itself for the list of uses is almost endless and limited only by the imagination. This is but one example of entire new markets being created by semis/nanotechnology and shows a very long runway for continued growth in the markets that is continuing and growing. This will allow if exploited, the semi/nanotech market to grow unlike any other. Semis/nanotech are changing the whole economic structure of the world as we know it, due to the "Great Acceleration". Semis/nanotech are not just new products, but the foundation of a whole different world as we know it where literally everything we know, touch or interact with is being changed at an ever accelerating rate. It is up to us to too take advantage of it for our personal growth opportunities it offers and for society as a whole. It has changed even education radically and how we think. Learning to use the automation of everything is now the greatest skill set.

    Dramatically decreasing cost and increasing functionality of everything is an unstoppable social and economic force that will only pick up speed by feeding upon itself as we are seeing more of literally every day. Don't fight it, use it to make things better.

    An ideal example of this is when Morris Chang stated MEMS are one of the three greatest opportunities of modern times and now TSM is one of the largest makers of MEMS and I see their work with them and integrating them has just begun as to where TSM is going to take them in the future.

    Comments, thoughts and additions on this solicited and welcomed

    Scientists develop the smallest, cheapest electronic nose for search and rescue

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