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Thread: Semis and Farming? YES

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    Semis and Farming? YES

    Read the link below and think this is just the beginning of the most dramatic change in the history of farming. This will be a large market for semis in the ever more sophisticated frequency variable LEDs, sensors for every aspect including AI controlling everything to maximize yield. The next step will be a totally robotic plant from start to finish, further increasing the efficiency by freeing the platform totally from human parameters with isles maybe hundreds of feet high and just inches apart. There would be no need for reflectors, further increasing efficiency. This has the potential of changing even the political structure when you can grow anything, anywhere efficiently and effectively. New and different semis will be used throughout these systems and only limited by the imagination. This will cause radical changes in the skill set for farming and create major disruptions in the agricultural labor force skill set. We are at the very beginning of the technical revolution that will change everything. Just look at the many land use and infrastructure changes this will bring. Just think, this may change even the capability living in space. A great use for abandoned or under utilized malls, big box and retail space caused by Amazon, another major disruptor? This will also drastically lower the water consumption, for agriculture in many areas consumes over 90% of the water and with this, the waste drops to almost zero and the utilization not only increases, but recycling becomes a viable option(another area for semis and nanotechnology, AMAT). Thoughts and comments solicited and wanted.

    PS This is but one area waiting for the full impact the semi/mems/sensors/nanotech revolution is going to greatly impact, just keep an open mind to all the areas where this same thinking will have the same amount of impact.

    Has This Silicon Valley Startup Finally Nailed The Indoor Farming Model?

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