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Thread: Semis Enabling Crippled to Walk

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    Semis Enabling Crippled to Walk

    This is an advanced application of semis in controls and sensors that allow the paralyzed to walk again and is but one example of a immature medical market for semis that is just in its infancy and set to grow dramatically. Due to massive regulations, I feel the US may be making the mistake of ceding this massive market to others and we will only make the parts of the systems involved in repairing and making the human body work as it should. In the future as we age, the vast majority of us will become bionic people to some degree. Compared to all other spending, medical is large and growing, taking up to almost twenty percent of the entire US economy. I hope we don't cede this market to others.

    Apple is already hard at work in these areas has not only has a platform with the size and security needed to dominate this area, but the technical ability, access to data through its Kaiser partnership, finances and technical skills needed to radically advance the medical ecosystem, but above all more trust than almost any other platform. The US could be a leader in this area if we can get some form of cost control over medical, an area where we have failed miserably so far.

    The most important aspect of the many technologies coming forward is the capacity to increase the human potential and capacity and extend the period of time our assets can be used after they reach their peak. This will be a huge competitive advantage for countries that use technology to increase the quality of life and value created for the benefit of everyone. Imagine if we could extend the working life of our people at their peak talent by just ten percent which could easily yield a twenty percent game since these people would be at the top of their game.

    Swiss Startup Aims To Help Paralyzed People Walk

    Three paralyzed men have walked again after receiving electric jolts to the spine - MIT Technology Review

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