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Thread: Semi Sector's Most Important Product

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    Semi Sector's Most Important Product

    The semi sectors most important product is not a semi/mem/sensor/nanotech product, but a mindset of developing ever more advanced and creative products and then mercilessly reducing their costs while dramatically improving them. This mindset is a complex ecosystem that mixes the best of creativity in organization, finance, research and combines it with Darwinian competition. This product is slowly expanding into every sector as I have written in the past, even things like agriculture with a productive ultra high tech economic indoor farm on some of the most expensive real estate in the world on the SF peninsula. The ability to bring down cost by several factors per year is legendary among any endeavor man has seen.

    The tech sector is better at identifying and solving challenges while lowering the cost and increasing the variety of ways of doing so over every other sector.

    If we could fully apply this mind set to government, infrastructure, health care and a number of other areas there is no problem we couldn't easily solve. The most important task before the tech sector is to overcome corruption of all types including the very subtle. Slowly every company is becoming a tech company and education is rapidly becoming a technical endeavor.

    In the area of infrastructure which I have worked in(I hold three CA contractor's licenses) I can easily see numerous ways of reducing cost in half and with a better product. The Chinese have made tremendous advances using tech and common sense in this area which I will explore in later posts. The corruption in this area is extreme(witnessed first hand, first person in many forms and types). This area is begging for tech at every single step of the process.

    A highly structured, fixed, entrenched group of special interests and government agencies are what now stands in the way. Guaranteed employment, benefits and retirements with little or no accountability have made us become our own worst enemy. This has given us horribly increasingly ineffective education, medical, justice/prison system, military and government that does everything to block transparency. Government should follow the tech sector and not the other way around.

    If we could put everything online and open, except what absolutely must be kept secret, this would be a huge step in solving a myriad of challenges before us. At every turn this has been blocked every way imaginable. Transparency will be the key to solving the challenges before us and even here the tech sector is starting to turn on the lights, for if a challenge is hidden, you can't solve it. Transparency must be applied especially to campaign finance real time if we are to eliminate the many, many barriers to progress. Transparent real time monitoring of campaign finance is something the tech sector could easily do.

    More than any other sector the tech sector has mastered strategy and turned it into a science and this is gradually filtering out to the other sectors of our economy. Jeff Bezos is the true master of mixing technology and strategy(Amazon's financial strategy is to grow business/market cap faster than debt instead of profits, a highly interesting strategy for sharply compounding growth).

    Hopefully this can be accelerated for we have no time to waste. The bottom line to this is simple, maximize resources and people, this is what the tech sector has been best at by applying Darwinian principles in technology, organization and finance.

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